• Plant Outside <br/>the Box
    Promote the indoor/outdoor lifestyle with designs that let you easily bring nature and sculptural form into your space.
  • Redefine your Space, Beautifully and Intelligently.
    Organic forms of the Terrain Collection let you create unique spaces in the house, terrace or garden. Built with hidden casters you can easily transform your space to suit your desires.
  • Bold and Elegant
    Artisan crafted pieces that embody great green design. We at Opiary are inspired by the aesthetics of the past and present and the timeless power of nature and are dedicated to craftmanship and enduring form.
  • Paradise Regained
    Functional green sculpture transforms a stylish room, whether indoor or out, into a truly personal sanctuary. Opiary's Drillium furniture is a new addition to our line up, like the rest of our products they are hand built in small batches in our Garden State Studio and tailored to the clients needs to ensure a perfect fit and exclusivity.



Here at Opiary we love taking on new, creative projects and are here to best suit your needs.


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