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Shown: dimensions: 88″ x 48″ x 42″ in portland cement


Drillium is a breakthrough design for Opiary taking cues from aircraft construction and bones. The hand crafted forms are clean strong sensuous and weather defiant. View all products from this collection


  • The Drillium Chair is substantial and brings a timeless purity to spaces indoors or out, it is at home year round everywhere from indoors to exposed high rise roof tops
  • Constructed of a galvanized steel armature coated with multiple layers of increasingly fine resin fortified cement
  • Like all Opiary creations the Drillium chair has pockets for living plants like succulents and mosses
  • The hand polished suede smooth finish is a true pleasure to touch
  • Designed to cradle comfortably the contours of people of any size
  • Sculpturally beautiful with or without removable cushions

Item # Finish Size
DRCL01-A Anthracite cement 88″ x 48″ x  42″
DRCL01-C Chalk cement 88″ x 48″ x  42″
DRCL01-P Portland cement 88″ x 48″ x  42″
DRCL01-U Punalu’u cement 88″ x 48″ x  42″

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