These lightweight concrete planters feature an organic silhouette and earthy aesthetic that compliment the live plants inside them. Opiary terrainers come in various forms-- some fill more vertical space while others are horizontal. We recommend pairing the Echelon with Barchan and Jabbah planters for maximum design impact.  

If you’d like to purchase one of our Terrainers, reach out to us at
Indoor/outdoor use and extremely weather-resistant. Option to be watertight or include drainage holes. Pricing varies based on finish.
Integrated casters available for an additional cost. Live or silk plants included for an additional cost. Custom sizes available upon request.

D20'' X H18''
D24'' X H24''
D32'' X H34''
D24" X H10"
D36'' X H20''
D40'' X H22''
L42'' X W28'' X H10''
L58'' X W32'' X H14''
L73" X W40" X H19"

O P I A R Y    S T U D I O
1 4 9  1 2 T H S T
B R O O K L Y N , N Y  1 1 2 1 5
T : 3 4 7 . 6 7 4 . 9 7 4 4
I N F O @ O P I A R Y . C O M